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Why Juicing Works

Your Living Kitchen

The science of juicing: What it does for our bodies. Juicing vs. Blending. Liquid plant life for superior health. Superherbs, superfoods and superjuices to add to juice to increase vitality.

The secret healing power of green plant life for weight-loss. Breakthrough power of plant-based enzymes to tap into boundless energy. Juice cleansing for longevity. Special juices for perfect digestion.

Tips to build an interactive, living and super organized kitchen space. Secrets to self-organize to juice on a daily basis. Recommended affordable living kitchen tools. Overcoming negativity.

Dig Deep

Program includes 4 core module training, 4 full-length juicing videos, 5 full-length juicing audiobooks and vintage Jay (every Juiceman video ever produced)

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People Love the School of Juicing:

"Brilliant- revolutionary... inspirational - and highly motivating.  That's Jay Kordich in a nutshell."

- Kirstie Alley, US Actress

"Jay Kordich is the master teacher in the world today on juicing and living foods."

- Dr. Michael Murray

"There are few things more important to our lives than how and what we feed ourselves. Fresh juices are among the premiere foods for anyone wishing to live a healthy and beautiful life."

- John Robbins, Author of "Diet for a New America" 

"I has issues with arthritis and found some juice recipes that really helped! i not juice and the inflammation and swelling have gone down. Plus I used to have intestinal challenges and now through juicing on a daily basis, I have noticed a big difference!"

- Charles Young, former tight end for San Francisco 49ers

Produced by Juice Guru Steve

Steve Prussack has been a leading figure in the wellness industry for almost 3 decades.  He produced Jay Kordich's School of Juicing so that the Juiceman's legacy will live on forever.

An author of two bestselling books on juicing, he developed The Juice Guru Method® and is the founder of the accredited Juice Guru Certification Program to help others become Certified Juice Therapists.

Steve's mission is to empower you with easy to implement daily tools to help use juicing to catapult your wellness practice and stand out from the crowd.

Want to discover the secret to losing weight, feeling incredible and having more energy than you ever dreamed possible?

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93-year-old health pioneer Juiceman Jay Kordich reveals his deepest secrets to optimal health and longevity!

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